Lisa Bell – The Word Architect

From web content to blog articles, from social media content to newsletters, the services under copywriting are varied and plenty.
If you want it written, but don’t know how to say it right, I will take the time to understand and interpret your need.

Everyone has a story in them, or a need to express themselves, whether it be a fantastical tale or a true-life story, but not everyone knows how to get these ideas into the written word.
As a Ghostwriter, I put myself into your shoes and bring out the best from the musings of your heart.

Social Media
While writing for the various social media platforms falls under copywriting, there is a definite difference in the content for this purpose, as opposed to a typical web article.
Writing for the different social media avenues requires some skill and attention to detail.
I believe I can build a great strategy for your business across all the mediums, to best promote you and your services or products.

Built within this is the SEO aspect (Search Engine Optimization), which essentially is the process of affecting the visibility of a website, so that when a search is made on Google or another search engine, your company comes up on the first page.
SEO writing often works hand in hand with SEO specific companies and their very detailed and painstaking strategies.

Proofreading and Editing
Very often you may have a body of writing that just needs some tweaking or a second eye to check over. This is where proofreading and editing services comes in, a very specific skill set, not for the faint hearted.