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I have been writing romantic fiction since a teen, and what started as a way to escape, has now materialised into a passion and love. Whilst running my digital marketing agency, I still somehow manage to escape into my fantasy world of words whenever I get a gap.
I would describe my style of writing as easy-go-to-fantasy. While my first novel, The Shifters, now titled Travellers, followed a 10 year turbulent journey of publishing and marketing faux pas, I believe I have now found my true niche in the young adult urban fantasy genre. While Travellers will technically be a republish, in my eyes, it is my new and first novel debut.
I am excited about creating new stories to take readers on an escapism.



The first exciting book in
The Centurion Duet ...

What would you do if you found out that you had been lied to from birth? Rebecca finds this out from a complete stranger. Mysterious Ben literally sweeps her away into a world of magic, danger, and downright craziness. She is thrown into a whirlwind world where she needs to hone her newly-found powers and discovers that she has more to offer than she thought. Together they embark on an action-packed race to save themselves and their kind.


We continue the electric journey with the second book in The Centurion Duet ... Seekers

With her life now permanently turned upside down, Rebecca realises that she has to embrace her powers and help her kind.

With the help of her new love and new friends, Rebecca steps further into the dark world of Travellers, closely followed by Seekers, determined to stop her at all costs.

Don't wake up

Another urban fantasy novel and as always with a delightful twist along the way ... Don't Wake Up

Love is blind ... or so they say ...

but what if you're not sure you even exist?

We take a poignant and sweet journey with our two young protagonists as they explore a new fantastical world and new love.


What would you do if you found out that you had been lied to from birth?

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